Pathfinder - Fate of the Fallen

The Gathering Storm

Cameron Kyras Elf Arcanist
Kevin Lear Human Oracle
Jon Tidus Dwarf Inquisitor
Javi Promethea Halfling Paladin
Ted Kindred Halfling Druid
Aimee Narcios Half-elf Rogue

June 10th
Narcios discovered how to fire the cannons on the Nazarus
With the horses Tidus clears the wreckage at the doors.
Party sets out for the desert.
In the desert Kindred discovers some figures near an airship working around what appears to be a magic circle.
Party decides to rest that night.
Promethea has a bad feeling on her watch.

June 11th
Party finds the circle, with no airship in sight.
Tidus discovers there are 3 parts to the circle. Part one summons the shadow beasts and keeps them there. Part two created a conduit to the north, and one to the south east. Part 3 was too complicated.
During the investigation the edge of the world started to bow out.
Kyras shoots the circle to no effect.
Kyras shoots the edge of the world and bursts the bubble. Some shadow beasts make it out.
The party sees that there is landmass beyond the wall.
After a short time the shadow beasts all fall down dead.
Kyras detects that the beasts energy is flowing north.
Party follows this north and finds that the energy is flowing into the storm north of Atalasia
Tidus detects that the storm is magically induced.
Tidus detects that same elegance in the storm.
Narcios asks if the circles could be making a bigger magic circle.
Kyras decides it would be really elegant to do that. Kyras figures that they are manually created lay lines. That it could make hundreds of thousands of frets of magical power.

Party rushes to next spot and find the enemy enchanters.
They happen on the airship when the figures are working on the next circle.
6 zombies, 1 Skeletal champion, 2 Skeletal Mages.
Party rescues the captured people that were going to be used as fuel.

Total EXP ( 8726 )



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