Pathfinder - Fate of the Fallen

The Grand Tournament Festival

Part 1

Aimee – Narcios Half-elf Rogue
Cameron – Kyras Elf Arcanist
Jon – Tidus Dwarf Inquisitor
Kevin – Lear Human Oracle

Starting in the city of Ataliss, they have been summoned by Milford Ezra to compete in the tournament on June 1st. The tournament is a team fight against the shadow beasts from the edge of the world that plague the city once a year like clockwork.

Game started on the 27th of May.
Met with Milford in his mansion. He proposes to the party a plan to beat out the tournament favorites The Order of Laci (Murray Laci and his team). The party also learned of a gala on the 30th for the competitors. Milford is outfitting the party with a set of nice clothes to attend the gala.

28th of May
Lear had a vision of volitile earthquakes and a machine pumping brackish smoke out and issuing from massive cracks in the earth, and the skys swirling in hues of purple and red.
Got intelligence on the tournament rules.
Kyras and Tidus get fitted for their suits.
Narcios goes to a pawn shop to sell filtched candle sticks.
Lear went to get a spear.
Aimee goes to the Ragged Traveler and finds out that Murray Laci and his wizard(?) Natel Enosh are an off and on couple, currently off.

The party fought some practice rounds with goblins, hobgoblins, and orcs. The party made it through 2 waves (1 3gob 1 hop) and (2 4gob). But failed against (3 2 orc, 1hob, 1gob). (285xp)

29th of May
Party woke with wounds and was cured, courtesy of Milford.
Party is going to get smaller creatures to fight them in a tournament style fight.
Tidus took a loan from Milford for 20gp for a shield and mace combo.
Narcios bought a buckler.

Party is going to try again with (1 9 boars), (2 2 orc, 1hob, 1gob). (325Xp) This was the early afternoon.

End of line.



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