Pathfinder - Fate of the Fallen

The City on the edge of never

Kevin Lear Human Oracle
Javi Promethea Halfling Paladin
Ted Xanth Human Bloodrager
Aimee Narcios Half-elf Rogue
Cameron Kyras Elf Arcanist

Afternoon of June 6th
Party is at Milford Ezras in the evening.
Narcios is following the horde of Shadow beasts still 1 day out of Atalassia, they stop advancing and start milling around. Makes a rough map of the area.
Kyras and Lear are in the library doing research and finds out about the magic circle of containment beneath the city.
Narcios makes it back to Ezras.
Party investigates the coliseum and finds a magic circle.
Party gets into the castle on the grace of the Pally

June 7th
Party finds a circle in the throne room, and a field of magic of pure magic that fans up from the floor and caps where the regent would be, sitting in the throne.
Party tracks the source through the sewers beneath the castle to magic circle of containment.
Party found an Ice Golem (400exp)
Lear deciphers that the rooms after the Golem match the map Kyras found.
After that they found the prison. The King was on the other side of the Great magic ring, he formed up a barrier using the magic ring. He then tested and attacked the barrier.
Upon the collapse of the barrier the column in the middle collapsed and a body formed up around a mechanical heart floating in air. The king fell down no longer possessed.
Lear claimed the golem with a sign.

The party takes the King back to the main part of the castle and are led into the throne room.
Dorian Rogers enters the throne room and takes the party to the great hall to interview them over midnight/ early morning snack.

The party is kept until morning and questioned by an inquisitor.

June 7th mid morning
Upon arrival at Milfords mansion Ezra outlines that he thinks the party can acquire weapons from the ruins of a city from before the great calamity.
The party tells him that they think Flanicard was the thing released from the prison. He is flabbergasted.

1000xp (5259 total)



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