Pathfinder - Fate of the Fallen

The Gathering Storm

Cameron Kyras Elf Arcanist
Kevin Lear Human Oracle
Jon Tidus Dwarf Inquisitor
Javi Promethea Halfling Paladin
Ted Kindred Halfling Druid
Aimee Narcios Half-elf Rogue

June 10th
Narcios discovered how to fire the cannons on the Nazarus
With the horses Tidus clears the wreckage at the doors.
Party sets out for the desert.
In the desert Kindred discovers some figures near an airship working around what appears to be a magic circle.
Party decides to rest that night.
Promethea has a bad feeling on her watch.

June 11th
Party finds the circle, with no airship in sight.
Tidus discovers there are 3 parts to the circle. Part one summons the shadow beasts and keeps them there. Part two created a conduit to the north, and one to the south east. Part 3 was too complicated.
During the investigation the edge of the world started to bow out.
Kyras shoots the circle to no effect.
Kyras shoots the edge of the world and bursts the bubble. Some shadow beasts make it out.
The party sees that there is landmass beyond the wall.
After a short time the shadow beasts all fall down dead.
Kyras detects that the beasts energy is flowing north.
Party follows this north and finds that the energy is flowing into the storm north of Atalasia
Tidus detects that the storm is magically induced.
Tidus detects that same elegance in the storm.
Narcios asks if the circles could be making a bigger magic circle.
Kyras decides it would be really elegant to do that. Kyras figures that they are manually created lay lines. That it could make hundreds of thousands of frets of magical power.

Party rushes to next spot and find the enemy enchanters.
They happen on the airship when the figures are working on the next circle.
6 zombies, 1 Skeletal champion, 2 Skeletal Mages.
Party rescues the captured people that were going to be used as fuel.

Total EXP ( 8726 )

Visions of Nightmares Past, Part 2

Cameron Kyras Elf Arcanist
Kevin Lear Human Oracle
Jon Tidus Dwarf Inquisitor
Javi Promethea Halfling Paladin
Ted Kindred Halfling Druid
Aimee Narcios Half-elf Rogue

June 8th
Nightfall after the burying of Xanth.
Tidus catches up to the party.

During 1st watch Kindred approaches the party.

June 9th
Party makes saves vs Level drain.
Party sets out for the ruins.
Kindred is stalking the party
Party beaks for lunch
Party makes a for a good campsite
Promethia’s watch has some scooby do action.
Kyres sets the cart on fire

June 10th
Party accounts for the losses of the cart fire.
Party makes it to the ruins in the mid morning.
Party fights 5 elementals (667exp)
The Gate Guardian is a visage of Evander Deepforge, the High Forge Master of the City Forge
The ruins are of Deepwell, first built in 914 by Stonecrafter Bali.
its been 278 years since there were dwarfs in the city.

During the flashback:
Aimee: Hazel Gardner
Ted: Evander Deepforge
Javi: Kent Gardner
Jon: Nyna Leaftalker
Kevin: Thamior Nailo
Cam: Fenleagh Copperclad
RJ: Beloruk Stormclad

The registration registry is in the High Council Civic Center.
Memory doll tails them onto the Nazurus.

2x Magitech Muskets
4x Magitech FireLance
2x Shield gauntlets
1x Broken Wand gauntlet

Exp Total (7126)

Visions of Nightmares Past, Part 1

Kevin Lear Human Oracle
Javi Promethea Halfling Paladin
Ted Xanth Human Bloodrager
Aimee Narcios Half-elf Rogue
Cameron Kyras Elf Arcanist

June 8th
Party sets out for the ruins.

Encounters a trap late day.
9 wights (1200 exp)
Xanth falls to the wights touch.

XP total 6459

The City on the edge of never

Kevin Lear Human Oracle
Javi Promethea Halfling Paladin
Ted Xanth Human Bloodrager
Aimee Narcios Half-elf Rogue
Cameron Kyras Elf Arcanist

Afternoon of June 6th
Party is at Milford Ezras in the evening.
Narcios is following the horde of Shadow beasts still 1 day out of Atalassia, they stop advancing and start milling around. Makes a rough map of the area.
Kyras and Lear are in the library doing research and finds out about the magic circle of containment beneath the city.
Narcios makes it back to Ezras.
Party investigates the coliseum and finds a magic circle.
Party gets into the castle on the grace of the Pally

June 7th
Party finds a circle in the throne room, and a field of magic of pure magic that fans up from the floor and caps where the regent would be, sitting in the throne.
Party tracks the source through the sewers beneath the castle to magic circle of containment.
Party found an Ice Golem (400exp)
Lear deciphers that the rooms after the Golem match the map Kyras found.
After that they found the prison. The King was on the other side of the Great magic ring, he formed up a barrier using the magic ring. He then tested and attacked the barrier.
Upon the collapse of the barrier the column in the middle collapsed and a body formed up around a mechanical heart floating in air. The king fell down no longer possessed.
Lear claimed the golem with a sign.

The party takes the King back to the main part of the castle and are led into the throne room.
Dorian Rogers enters the throne room and takes the party to the great hall to interview them over midnight/ early morning snack.

The party is kept until morning and questioned by an inquisitor.

June 7th mid morning
Upon arrival at Milfords mansion Ezra outlines that he thinks the party can acquire weapons from the ruins of a city from before the great calamity.
The party tells him that they think Flanicard was the thing released from the prison. He is flabbergasted.

1000xp (5259 total)

Throwing Stones Off The Worlds Edge

Jon Tidus Dwarf Inquisitor
Javi Promethea Halfling Paladin
Ted Xanth Human Bloodrager
Aimee Narcios Half-elf Rogue

June 2nd
Party went to the Ragged Traveler tavern in the afternoon to find out anything about the king.
Found the king came to power at 15 and has ruled for the last 23 years.
He was training to be a wizard.
His elder brother and father were killed by wolves on a hunting trip.
He appears to implement solutions to problems.
He is currently unwed.
He is currently the last of his line.
There is no heir to the throne.

June 3rd
Ezra provides horses for the journey. Kyras is sent to study some facts in the library, Lear is sent to keep him on task.
Party passes a small town with a natural rock fortification.
The party finds that there are less shadow monsters, none in fact.
Xanth, Promethea, Narcios, Tidus.
During Narcios’ watch he had the feeling they were being watched.

June 4th
Party sets out in the morning.
There are no creature sounds at all. No birds, bugs, or general animals.
The horses get spooked, and the party ties them up.
Party finds the summon circle on the ground 235 in diameter at the worlds edge. There are 4 major spells that make up the spell ring. The creatures start to burst forward. There are a few hundreds that range in size from small to huge and one colossal one.
Pushing the horses just hard enough to get back to the town they passed on the 3rd.
They send a rider to warn Atalassia, to fortify, and to send mounted soldiers to protect the people. Town is ~40 people.
Party rides with the townsfolk and staying in the back.

June 5th
Half way the party doubles back to investigate the creatures.
Makes it back to the town, looks from the bell tower and sees that the mass of creatures is moving at a slow pace.
Detect magic shows that there is a circle around the pulpit in the church.
The trappings were updated recently.
The circle has an evil aura.
The King visited the church about 5 years ago.
Jon finds that the spell on the alter has a pull component and a push component.

June 6th:
The party shares the info they each found.
They break the circle in the church.
Narcios is left to scout the army.
The party heads towards Atalassia at normal speed.
When the party gets there the townsfolk have been barred form entry.
Party gets the town in the city.
The party gains admission to the royal audience chamber, currently presiding Dorian Rogers high adviser to the king.
The audience chamber has the same magic signature in a circle in the room.
Promethia finds and steals some plans from the Kings Chambers.
Party heads back to talk with Ezra, and reports what the found.
it is now the afternoon.

(1130 EXP )

The Grand Tournament Begins


Cameron Kyras Elf Arcanist
Kevin Lear Human Oracle
Jon Tidus Dwarf Inquisitor
Javi Promethea Halfling Paladin
Ted Xanth Human Bloodrager
Aimee Narcios Half-elf Rogue

June 1st
The day of the Tournament.
Lear bets 4gp on the Fire Ferrits.
The tournament purse is 10,000 Ezra requires 3,730 to cover tournament costs.
Team Laci is first up. They have 23 points.

Round one:
8 small rat like shadow beasts
5 small dog like shadow beasts
3 medium ape like shadow beasts
1 huge odd shadow beast
800 exp
Netting the party 49 points in the tournament.

The tournament is canceled after the huge beast with wings grew.

Ezra explains that the world used to be whole, that Flanicard fractured the world and his order is trying to secure something he left behind. That he was he high minister of magic in the old world. That there is some magic that is working on the wall at the worlds edge, and he wants to know the source of it.

Party gets to split the 5520 (less the 750 for a wand) from the tournament pouch.
Tidus collects on the betting note 1600gp.

Party buys armor, sells old armor, and sells the head of the huge shadow beast.
Narcios rigged a deal to go through a fence for the shadow beast wings. Promethea didn’t understand why they didn’t just go to the black market.

The Grand Tournament Festival Gala


Cameron Kyras Elf Arcanist
Kevin Lear Human Oracle
Jon Tidus Dwarf Inquisitor
Javi Promethea Halfling Paladin
Ted Xanth Human Bloodrager
Aimee Narcios Half-elf Rogue

29th of May,
Party meets Promethea and Xanth in the afternoon at the house of Milford Ezra.
Came up with the name Ezra’s Elite. Banner on the Wiki.

30th of May,
Party wakes for some early training.
( fight details 11 rats, 2 orcs, 3 goblins, 1 hobgoblin ) 526exp
( fight details 12 rats, 1 bugbear, 2 orcs, 4 goblins ) 793exp
then breakfast
Clean up and go to the ball.

At the Ball.
Promethea and Narcios convince Natel to join the Ezra’s Elite. (perhaps)
Tidus Places 100gp on the team at (1/16 odds)
Found out that King Bryson Ellen has an enchantment on him, and that he has an powerful evil nested in his head.

Murray Laci was condescending to Xanth.

Recruiting Natel Enosh was worth 300exp

The Grand Tournament Festival
Part 1

Aimee – Narcios Half-elf Rogue
Cameron – Kyras Elf Arcanist
Jon – Tidus Dwarf Inquisitor
Kevin – Lear Human Oracle

Starting in the city of Ataliss, they have been summoned by Milford Ezra to compete in the tournament on June 1st. The tournament is a team fight against the shadow beasts from the edge of the world that plague the city once a year like clockwork.

Game started on the 27th of May.
Met with Milford in his mansion. He proposes to the party a plan to beat out the tournament favorites The Order of Laci (Murray Laci and his team). The party also learned of a gala on the 30th for the competitors. Milford is outfitting the party with a set of nice clothes to attend the gala.

28th of May
Lear had a vision of volitile earthquakes and a machine pumping brackish smoke out and issuing from massive cracks in the earth, and the skys swirling in hues of purple and red.
Got intelligence on the tournament rules.
Kyras and Tidus get fitted for their suits.
Narcios goes to a pawn shop to sell filtched candle sticks.
Lear went to get a spear.
Aimee goes to the Ragged Traveler and finds out that Murray Laci and his wizard(?) Natel Enosh are an off and on couple, currently off.

The party fought some practice rounds with goblins, hobgoblins, and orcs. The party made it through 2 waves (1 3gob 1 hop) and (2 4gob). But failed against (3 2 orc, 1hob, 1gob). (285xp)

29th of May
Party woke with wounds and was cured, courtesy of Milford.
Party is going to get smaller creatures to fight them in a tournament style fight.
Tidus took a loan from Milford for 20gp for a shield and mace combo.
Narcios bought a buckler.

Party is going to try again with (1 9 boars), (2 2 orc, 1hob, 1gob). (325Xp) This was the early afternoon.

End of line.

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