Pathfinder - Fate of the Fallen

Visions of Nightmares Past, Part 2

Cameron Kyras Elf Arcanist
Kevin Lear Human Oracle
Jon Tidus Dwarf Inquisitor
Javi Promethea Halfling Paladin
Ted Kindred Halfling Druid
Aimee Narcios Half-elf Rogue

June 8th
Nightfall after the burying of Xanth.
Tidus catches up to the party.

During 1st watch Kindred approaches the party.

June 9th
Party makes saves vs Level drain.
Party sets out for the ruins.
Kindred is stalking the party
Party beaks for lunch
Party makes a for a good campsite
Promethia’s watch has some scooby do action.
Kyres sets the cart on fire

June 10th
Party accounts for the losses of the cart fire.
Party makes it to the ruins in the mid morning.
Party fights 5 elementals (667exp)
The Gate Guardian is a visage of Evander Deepforge, the High Forge Master of the City Forge
The ruins are of Deepwell, first built in 914 by Stonecrafter Bali.
its been 278 years since there were dwarfs in the city.

During the flashback:
Aimee: Hazel Gardner
Ted: Evander Deepforge
Javi: Kent Gardner
Jon: Nyna Leaftalker
Kevin: Thamior Nailo
Cam: Fenleagh Copperclad
RJ: Beloruk Stormclad

The registration registry is in the High Council Civic Center.
Memory doll tails them onto the Nazurus.

2x Magitech Muskets
4x Magitech FireLance
2x Shield gauntlets
1x Broken Wand gauntlet

Exp Total (7126)



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