Pathfinder - Fate of the Fallen

Throwing Stones Off The Worlds Edge

Jon Tidus Dwarf Inquisitor
Javi Promethea Halfling Paladin
Ted Xanth Human Bloodrager
Aimee Narcios Half-elf Rogue

June 2nd
Party went to the Ragged Traveler tavern in the afternoon to find out anything about the king.
Found the king came to power at 15 and has ruled for the last 23 years.
He was training to be a wizard.
His elder brother and father were killed by wolves on a hunting trip.
He appears to implement solutions to problems.
He is currently unwed.
He is currently the last of his line.
There is no heir to the throne.

June 3rd
Ezra provides horses for the journey. Kyras is sent to study some facts in the library, Lear is sent to keep him on task.
Party passes a small town with a natural rock fortification.
The party finds that there are less shadow monsters, none in fact.
Xanth, Promethea, Narcios, Tidus.
During Narcios’ watch he had the feeling they were being watched.

June 4th
Party sets out in the morning.
There are no creature sounds at all. No birds, bugs, or general animals.
The horses get spooked, and the party ties them up.
Party finds the summon circle on the ground 235 in diameter at the worlds edge. There are 4 major spells that make up the spell ring. The creatures start to burst forward. There are a few hundreds that range in size from small to huge and one colossal one.
Pushing the horses just hard enough to get back to the town they passed on the 3rd.
They send a rider to warn Atalassia, to fortify, and to send mounted soldiers to protect the people. Town is ~40 people.
Party rides with the townsfolk and staying in the back.

June 5th
Half way the party doubles back to investigate the creatures.
Makes it back to the town, looks from the bell tower and sees that the mass of creatures is moving at a slow pace.
Detect magic shows that there is a circle around the pulpit in the church.
The trappings were updated recently.
The circle has an evil aura.
The King visited the church about 5 years ago.
Jon finds that the spell on the alter has a pull component and a push component.

June 6th:
The party shares the info they each found.
They break the circle in the church.
Narcios is left to scout the army.
The party heads towards Atalassia at normal speed.
When the party gets there the townsfolk have been barred form entry.
Party gets the town in the city.
The party gains admission to the royal audience chamber, currently presiding Dorian Rogers high adviser to the king.
The audience chamber has the same magic signature in a circle in the room.
Promethia finds and steals some plans from the Kings Chambers.
Party heads back to talk with Ezra, and reports what the found.
it is now the afternoon.

(1130 EXP )



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